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Variety of Spices

Variety of Spices

As a small business we are in partnership with another small Spice business located in British Columbia, Spice Country.  Prices vary on size: minimum price listed for 4 oz container

4 oz = $4.95

8 oz = $8.95

16 oz = $12.95

1/2 lb = $15.00

1 lb = $25.00

  • Spices


    Chinese 5

    Herb Bread Blend

    Garlic Herb

    Hunters Blend


    Asian Stir-Fry

    Pink Himalayan Salt

    Burger Blaster


    Herbes de Provence


    Onion Dip

    Country Chili

    Garlic Dip

    Country Curry

    Unique Greek

    Poultry Seasoning

    Beef Rub

    Red Pepper & Garlic

    Pickled Egg Spice

    Habanero & Garlic

    Lamb & Fish

    Spicy Seasoned Salt

    Mexican Blend

    Spicy Coating Mix

    Whole Country Pepper

    Sloppy Joe Mix

    Veggie Dip

    (they also offer a Hemp Salad Lift)

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