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Image by Jonathan Borba

Quarter N Smokehouse

Fresh & Delicious

Locally Owned and Operated!


Located on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. Coffee is always on!

Everyone is welcome to stop in to shop, or even just to say hello.  

*Prices may be subject to change*

About Us

In a world where large-scale production negatively impacts the caliber and nutritional value of meat, at Quarter N Smokehouse we believe in the importance of a close connection between producer and consumer. We are proud to offer only the finest smoked sausage, meats, fish and poultry thanks to the network of high-quality farms and butchers that we work with.


Our passion for mouthwatering food began in 2000. Today, years later, we maintain our traditional values and dedication to quality, while using the latest techniques to enhance the flavor, packaging and shelf-life of your next delicious dish.

Tantalizing Smoked Masterpieces

Our Curated Picks

Image by Rich Smith
Image by James Kern
Image by Alexander Maasch
Image by David B Townsend

Old Fashioned Smoked Mennonite Sausage

A Gourmet Touch

Savory Smoked Bacon

Bursting with Flavor

Smoked Cheese

A Taste of Class

Smoked Salmon or Trout

Unparalleled Elegance

Koralea Duclos, SK

"I love making toasted BLT sandwiches with the Maple Pepper Bacon, and Smoked Herbs & Spices Cheese! Game Changer!"

Katherine Medos, AB

"The Farmer's Sausage and Pulled Pork are amazing! Definite staple in our house."

Ryleigh Crane, AB

"It's Genuine Meat! The Dill Pickle snacks sticks are Extraordinary and full of flavor! As soon as you walk in the door, they treat you like family!"

"Ok soooooo omg! The cheese and ham! Just made a lil charcuterie for one! Amazeballs guys!....

Thanks so much, Ill be ordering again”

-   Amber E

Raw Sausages

"The sausage was awesome, the cheese one is awesome"

-   Kim H

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